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Updated: April 24, 2019 



Updated: April 24, 2019 

Reunion Stories

A Whole New Person


Posted: 4/21/2010
Note: Names, Identifying informaiton and details may have been altered to protect personal identities.

My name is Celia and I just have to let you all know that today I am feeling like a whole new person! I am tickled pink because after 28 years I have finally found my son Anthony Chris Mason. This is my story.

When I was 19 I got pregnant. My mother told me that I had to give the baby up for adoption. Of course I was upset but I had faith that everything would work out for the best. I am adopted myself, in fact. My twin sister and I were placed for adoption at birth and we were raised by a wonderful family who loved us. Coming from that background it was easy to believe that Anthony Chris would be taken care of. Relinquishing my rights as a mother was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Almost since the day he was born, I have been searching for him and trying to fill this great big hole in my heart. I did have another son, whom I love dearly, but there is a part of me that has always ached for my firstborn. As my other son has gotten older, he has encouraged me to search for Anthony Chris and we often talked about how cool it would be to introduce them to each other..

About a month ago I came across this company called Search Quest America. I tried to search for Anthony Chris several times on my own. I hired a few companies and did internet searches, but at the end of the day it was always a waste of money or some kind of scam. The first thing I did after talking to Linda at Search Quest America was look the company up on the website. I could see that they were legitimate and was reassured by the fact that the Better Business Bureau gave them a good rating. When I reported back to Linda that SQA has an A-minus, she said, "how dare they give us an A MINUS!" That old me that every member of the SQA team takes pride in giving quality service and that they are not satisfied with anything but the best.

My case was assigned to Chris Tangedahl. Right away I thought it was a sign that things would work out because he has the same name that I gave my son, Anthony Chris. I could not have been more blessed! Only 28 days after our first conversation, Chris called to let me know that he had found my son. The first thing we did was pull up Anthony's profile on Facebook. He is the most handsome man! He has a gorgeous little boy and he is educated and has the best smile!

His adopted name is Baye and Chris searched the internet and found a little bit of information Baye submitted for school. It reads, " My name is Baye Davis and I began Foothill during Spring Quarter 2001. I am a resident of East Palo Alto and a graduate of Menlo Atherton High School, Class of 1999. For one year, I attended Hampton University, a historical black college in Hampton, Virginia. I decided that I preferred the West Coast and returned home to California. What I do miss about Hampton is the many African American students and teachers. I found it easier to approach another student or teacher for help. At Foothill, people encourage you to ask for help but at times it feels like you are on an island when you look around and not many people look like you. When The Griot newspaper was first mailed to my home my initial thought was, Well, there is some black influence on campus but when I first stepped into class and looked around I wondered where all the folks were. Menlo HS had a diverse student body which I enjoyed and I found other African American students who were focused on similar goals. I've taken pre-calculus and accelerated courses while enjoying a friendly competition in regards to grades.

"Currently, I work as a youth outreach worker at One East Palo Alto, a local community organization. As a youth worker, I put functions together and provide positive activities for youth such as the Junteenth Festival and Youth Day. My focus is to get these students more active in their community so that they will inherit a better one."

Can't you just feel how warm and friendly and educated he is! I was so excited that I was ready to pick up the phone and call him, but Chris cautioned me to write a non-threatening letter first. This is what I wrote:
"Hi Baye, My name is Celia and I am your birth mother. I was 19 when I relinquished you and gave your parents a lifelong gift, YOU. I love you very much, think about you all of the time and I am also adopted.

I have a twin sister and you have a younger brother, who is 19. I am married to his father, who is a truck driver and I am a Master Social Worker/MFTI. We live in California near the Capital and are very excited to meet you. I was one of the hundred Professionals laid-off; therefore, I can visit you at a moment's notice. I have been looking for you since you turned 18, and this year I was blessed to find you. I do not want to disturb your life just want to be a part of your life. Please communicate with me. GOD BLESS YOU, Celia."

The very next morning at 8:10 am I got a call from the investigator, Chris, who let me know that he had spoken with Baye the previous evening and Baye would be texting me that morning. The only thing I could think was that I don't remember how to text?! What if I missed it? Luckily, I didn't have long to fret over it. Baye sent me a text message at 8:30 and at 11:00 he was able to talk. That Saturday we went up to see him. He came to the motel where we were and it was so wonderful! Like the heavens and the earth and everything were just in alignment. We hugged for over 20 minutes and it's like that whole in my heart was filled up--like a fire in both of us. I knew that it was real because he held me just as tight as I held him and neither one of us wanted to let go. It was the most wonderful, fabulous experience and I will never forget it.

We have spent lots of time getting to know each other and getting caught up. He's going to come to up here to see me for mother's day. God is so so good because everything happens for a reason. If he was younger, who knows how it would have turned out. But now he's 28 years old and a father and he was open to meeting me. It's a beautiful thing, a beautiful thing. Everybody notices that I and walking around with this big old glow. I tell everyone what a blessing God has given me in my life.

I can't believe it only took 28 days!! The only sad thing about the whole thing is that my adoptive mother doesn't want to meet him or have anything to do with him yet. She's being really mean right now, and that's the only negative thing about it. One person is unhappy and that's ok. Hopefully she will come around over time. I just want to tell everyone out there that miracles really do happen! I am just tickled pink that this all worked out and I hope that if you are out there somewhere reading this and wondering if you should search, or if you should trust this company to help you, DO IT! You won't be disappointed. It will be the biggest blessing you have ever had in your life. Good luck to you, and remember, God is good!

(Written by Mica Burton on Celia's behalf.)

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