Special Delivery Leads to Reunion 47 Years Later

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Reunion StoriesReunion Stories

Updated: July 15, 2019 



Updated: July 15, 2019 

Reunion Stories

Special Delivery Leads to Reunion 47 Years Later


Posted: 4/15/2009
Note: Names, Identifying informaiton and details may have been altered to protect personal identities.

"I got out of the Navy December 14th, 1962 and just one week later I turned 21. My wife Nancy was pregnant with Charles Jr., our first child who was born December 23rd. We rented an apartment in Pennsylvania. I took the first job that was offered to me. It was driving a bakery truck that delivered bread and other baked goods to the homes of customers. My route was in Maryland just over the Pennsylvania/Maryland line. One of my customers was Tom and Cheryl who lived in Maryland.

"One day I made a delivery to their home and Cheryl invited me in. Cheryl had a couple of small children and her sister was there with a couple of her kids. Cheryl led me to the next room, one thing lead to another and we were intimate. I stopped at the home a few times after that but there was never any answer. I only drove the truck a few months and took another job. Nancy was pregnant with our second child, Tina. A few months after Tina was born I got a phone call from Cheryl.

"It was the first time we had spoken since the encounter. Cheryl said she needed to see me so I drove over to Maryland the following weekend. When I got to her house Cheryl introduced me to Christie, a little blond girl about one year old. I knew before Cheryl said anything that she was my child. Cheryl told me that she was separated from her husband Tom when we had sex and Christie was conceived. When she found out that she was pregnant she reconciled with him and he thought that Christie was his child. Cheryl told me that she wanted nothing from me and, because of her circumstance, I could not be a part of the child's life but she thought she should tell me about Christie.

"I haven't seen Cheryl or Christie since that time but I sometimes think about Christie and wonder where she is and how her life has been. Do I have grandchildren I haven't met? Nancy and I were divorced in 1978 but I made no effort to contact Cheryl while Nancy was still alive because I thought it would dishonor her. Nancy and I had 3 children and she is no longer with us. I have 2 grandchildren and a great grandson.

"A few months ago I paid a small fee to have an online search done for Cheryl. The report identified a person by that name who lived in Maryland. The report lists the woman's age as 72 which is about right for the woman I met. I have hoped that one day Cheryl would tell Christie about me and that she would try to contact me but it is likely that she doesn't know I exist and grew up thinking that Tom was her father. A few days ago I told Tina about Cheryl and Christie. It's kind of ironic that Tina and Christie were born within a couple of months. I'd like know how Christie's life has been but I don't want to intrude in her life if she is not aware that I'm her father. If I could make contact with Cheryl I could at least answer some questions that have been hidden in my heart for many years."

When Charles contacted Search Quest America, his case was assigned to Julie. It took longer to have the case assigned to an investigator than to have it solved. As Charles says, "it only took a week before she had it nailed!"

Unfortunately, Cheryl passed away some years ago. But Julie found her three daughters, Patricia, Donna, and Brenda. There was no child by the name of Christie. In fact, when Donna was first contacted by Julie, she didn't believe that either of her sisters could have been illegitimate. She was angry at the suggestion, but agreed to speak with Charles. They spoke at length, but Donna adamantly stated that neither of her sisters were born in the right year. Charles described the house perfectly, and even remembered details from the interior, but Donna didn't budge. She took down Charles' contact information and said she would contact him if anything changed, but Charles thought he had reached a dead end. He had found the right family, but his mystery still wasn't solved.

But Julie didn't give up. She researched each of the girls at length and discovered that Brenda was indeed born in the right year--it was a perfect match. Julie contacted Brenda, who had no trouble believing she had a different father out there. She grew up as the only blond in a dark-haired family, and had often wondered where her personality quirks came from.

Brenda called Charles right away and they were happily reunited. It turns out that they have several things in common, including the beginning stages of Glaucoma. To satisfy members of her family, however, Brenda and Charles took a paternity test and are waiting for the results, which will come back in two weeks. But Charles says, "at this point it is just a formality. We both know she's my daughter."

According to Charles, his experience working with Search Quest America was "fantastic. If you do it without a professional you're wasting a lot of time. I didn't want to make a cold call out of the blue and say 'hey, I'm your father.' I needed a third party to make the call and soften the blow--thats exactly what Julie did."

To Julie, he writes, "I want to thank you for finding Brenda for me. We email daily and talk on the phone a couple of times a week. Brenda and her husband are driving up next weekend and we will have dinner and time to get to know each other better. Brenda tells me that she refers to me as Dad in conversations with family and friends.

"Brenda and my other daughter Tina, who is 5 months younger than Brenda, keep in touch via email, phone and text messages. Tina hopes to come down to Florida in the summer and meet Brenda and her family.

"When I met little Brenda some 45 years ago, I reserved a room in my heart that has remained unfurnished, except for a mental picture of that little blond girl who was one year old. We are working on furnishing that room and hopefully it will one day be as complete as are the rooms for my other children, grandchildren, and my great grandson.

"Thank you so much for your efforts. I could not have hoped for a better result. Charles."

(Written by Mica Burton on Charles behalf.)

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